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The Process of Spotless Window Cleaning and Washing


Window Cleaning Services ManchesterOur professional window cleaning service includes cleanup of all glass panes, PVC frames and sills. It also splits into two types:

  • Outdoor window cleaning - performed with a water-fed extension pole system and purified water
  • Indoor window cleaning - manual cleanup with just a squeegee and distilled water

The water purification happens in a tank in our cleaners’ van, from where it is pumped up the water-fed pole, all the way to the brush head. After thorough washing of all glass surfaces, the pole is lifted and the window is given a last rinse without brushing. The distilled water sterilises the window, leaving it to air dry with no streaks or residue left.

Window Cleaning Prices

Property TypePrice
Flat from £37
Terraced property from £41
Semi-detached property from £41
Detached property from £51
Facade from £27
Regular Cleaning from £27
* Minimum call out charge £37

Detailed Window Cleaning and Washing For Your Home in Manchester

Cleaning your windows inside uses the traditional method - a squeegee and purified water. A ladder is nearby in case it’s needed. The more complex process is for cleaning windows from the outside. To ensure a high quality service, here are some requirements:

  • If there is any maintenance work done near or on the windows, please finish it before the cleaning job begins
  • A parking spot for the van within 30 meters of your house is needed. The water purification happens in a tank in that van and the hose for the water-fed pole is 30 meters long
  • The length of the extension pole is 22 meters, which means efficient cleaning for windows up to the fourth floor of a building
  • Your windows should not be between walls or tight spaces
  • Wooden frames and sills can’t be cleaned as the distilled water can damage the paint. Only PVC ones can be handled

Hire Our Window Cleaners in Manchester Today

  • No more ladders, no more buckets of water, no more manual scrubbing for you
  • Get streak-free cleaning of all your windows, glass surfaces, sills and PVC frames in your property
  • The overall service is safer for your windows and our cleaners, because it is performed from the ground level
  • Using only distilled water to create a protective layer over the glass surface and ensure cleaner windows for longer
  • It’s a always a great idea to add window cleaning and carpet cleaning to your regular office cleaning appointments
  • Call 0161 823 0200 now, ask for your free quotes and special deals when you book more services at the same time
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