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Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services in Manchester


We know your soft floorings are an important part of your home interior and help create comfort and warmth for your family. Let the expert carpet and upholstery cleaners in Manchester take care of your textile floor coverings and make them clean and fresh again.

What makes our services great for any home:

  • Provided by insured and licensed local cleaning technicians
  • Suitable for all types of soft floorings and furniture
  • Pre-treatment of stubborn stains and high-traffic areas included
  • Safe and eco-friendly cleaning detergents, provided by Prochem
  • A great addition to your house cleaning and move out cleaning sessions
  • Same day and next day availability
  • Special rates on multiple-service requests

Revitalising Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Manchester

This service is a deep treatment of your soft coverings with either hot water extraction or dry powder cleaning. Have your carpet, rugs, sofa, armchairs, dining chairs, curtains, mattress thorough cleaned by the trusted experts.

Here is a detailed description of this efficient cleaning process:

Professional carpet cleaning by Manchester Cleaner

  1. The professional cleaner arrives at the address fully equipped
  2. He inspects the fabric to choose the most suitable technique and solutions for treatment
  3. Next is the vacuuming of your pieces to remove loose dirt and dust particles
  4. All stains, dirt patches and high-traffic areas are pre-treated with specialised cleaning products
  5. Then the expert applies the chosen deep cleaning method that is suitable for the fabric
  6. Depending on the used cleaning technique, it may take a few hours for the carpet to dry, less if you open a door or a window

Your carpets and furniture can be treated with Scotchgard protection upon request. You can learn more about fabric stain protection below.

NOTE: The older the stain, the harder it is to be cleaned. Old stains are extremely difficult to remove, especially if they are from: gum, wax, water-based paint, ink, coffee, cola, rust, red wine, permanent marker, food, etc. The best protection - act fast, don't postpone.

Cleaning methods executed by Manchester Cleaner

We offer both Hot water extraction method (Steam cleaning) appropriate for synthetic fibres and Dry cleaning method - for natural and delicate fibres.

Hot Water Extraction / Steam Cleaning

The hot water extraction method is suitable for synthetic (microfiber, polyester) and woollen materials. It works best because it removes over 95% of the dirt, dust mites and bacteria.

How it works: The professional industrial-grade machine injects hot water under high pressure into the fabric and excerpts it afterwards, along with the dirt. Please keep in mind it will take a few hours for the item to dry out completely. We offer free air mover which speeds up the drying process up to 3 times.

NOTE: When we treat the upholstery we use special plastic wand not to damage the material.

Dry Powder CleaningProfessional upholstery cleaning by Manchester Cleaner

The dry powder cleaning technique is applied for delicate fabrics that should not be treated with water, such as 100% cotton, silk, viscose, suede, linen, leather, sisal, jute, Oriental and Persian rugs. The dry cleaning method is great for refreshing the fabric.

How it works: The expert technician hoovers the piece and sprays it with non-toxic absorbing powder. The professional machine scrubs the powder into the fabric with lots of small brushes. As a result, all the grime and dirt sticks to it and then is vacuumed off.

Fabric Stain Protection with Scotchgard

When the cleaning process is done, the technician can apply a Scotchgard stain repellent upon request. That product will protect your carpet and upholstery from future stains and spills. It is recommended for high-traffic areas and for homes with children and pets.

NOTE: We also specialise in the professional interior bus cleaning in Manchester, performed by the experienced upholstery cleaners.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Prices

Premises TypeHot Water ExtractionDry Cleaning
Dining room £20 £29
Through Lounge £45 £51
Hallway £12 £15
Bedroom £18 £23
Rug cleaning * Price depends on Size & Condition
Armchair £20 £47
Two-seated sofa £33 £66
Single Mattress £18 £35
Half length pair of curtains £19 £66
  * Minimum call out charge £44 * Minimum call out charge £65

NOTE: For more information, visit our prices page or call us on 0161 823 0200 today.

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