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Get your oven professionally cleaned for 45 GBPOven cleaning provided as a professional service is a more thorough approach to this cleaning task. And in order to achieve the desired results, your oven should be disassembled. The door is removed and cleaned, as are the racks and trays. The inside and outside of the oven get a deep scrub, while all removed components get soaked in a solution of heated water and specialised oven cleaning detergents - the dip tank technique. This way burnt carbon, grease and grime are removed from every tiny space off you cooker. The best part is that you can use your oven right after cleaning.

Oven and BBQ Cleaning Prices

Oven Cleaning
Single oven, including two racks £49
Single oven + hob + extractor £74
Single Wide Oven £67
Range Hood or Hob £24
AGA - 2 Oven Size £83
AGA - 4 Oven Size £114
AGA - Side Module £62
Extractor £14
Microwave oven £14
Gas Hob (4 burners) £18
Ceramic Hob (4 burners) £15
Range Oven – 90cm £81
Range Oven – 100-110cm £97
Range Hob £24
Range Extractor £24
* Minimum call out charge £49
BBQ Cleaning
BBQ Small £40
BBQ (70-110 cm) £69
BBQ large (over 110 cm) £83
* Minimum call out charge £49

Our Process of Careful Dip Tank Oven Cleaning

  • Our oven cleaners come to your home at the appointed time and bring all the necessary equipment and cleaning solutions
  • They inspect your oven to see if it works properly before the actual service and to determine which quality cleaning procedure to apply for your specific oven type
  • The area around your oven is covered to protect it from eventual spills
  • The stove is dismantled, taking out all removable parts
  • Our technicians take care of any grease, grime and burnt carbon inside and out of the oven
  • After everything dries, they assemble it back 
  • A thorough polish is performed to give it an astonishing look
  • At the end, your oven is tested to make sure everything works as it should

Choose Detailed Oven Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Get help from our local oven cleaning teams
  • The taste of all cooked food is better, as there won’t be any residual grease and bad odours
  • Dirty ovens consume more energy to heat up and with a clean one you save money
  • The service is available 7 days a week at the same price
  • It’s always a great idea to add it to your end of tenancy cleaning and domestic cleaning schedules
  • Save more money and time by booking two or more cleaning services at the same time
  • Call 0161 823 0200 now and get your no-obligation price estimates

Order Your Oven Cleaning Services in Manchester Today

Scheduling an appointment with our oven cleaning teams in Manchester is really easy. Just call 0161 823 0200 now or fill in the form below to get your personalised and free quotes. As this service is not hourly based, the final price depends on:

  • What is the make and model of your oven
  • What is its current condition
  • Is it single or double oven
  • Is it gas or electric cooker
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