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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions by our customers. If you can’t see the answer you were looking for, please get in touch with us.

General Questions

What is Manchester Cleaner’s working schedule? – Our working hours are flexible – the cleaners start work in the early morning and finish in the evening. We work 7 days a week, even on Bank Holidays.

What type of services do you provide? – Manchester Cleaner delivers a wide range of cleaning services, suitable both for residential and commercial properties.

Can the cleaners come when I am not at home? – Absolutely, they can. In this case, we should make a key pick-up arrangement over the phone before the appointment.

Do I have to sign a contract? – No, you don’t. There is no contract or minimum sessions required. Our clients use the service for the time they really need it.

Can you provide all necessary tools and detergents? – It depends on the service. For a guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning, external window cleaning or deep carpet and upholstery cleaning all cleaning products and equipment are included in the price.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Questions

What cleaning methods do you provide? – We use Hot Water Extraction (Steam cleaning method) suitable for synthetic materials and Dry Powder Cleaning – for natural and delicate fabrics. Visit our carpet and upholstery cleaning page for detailed information about this service.

Can you remove stains from carpet and upholstery? – We can’t guarantee it because it depends on how old the stains are and whether you’ve tried to remove them yourself. If we can’t completely get rid of them, nothing will, but your pieces will definitely look much better after a deep cleaning.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry? – It depends on the applied cleaning method. After hot water extraction method, your carpet/rug will be completely dry in 4-6 hours for synthetic material, and 6-8 hours for wool. After a dry powder cleaning, your pieces will be ready to be walked on as soon as the procedure is done.

What is Scotchgard stain protection? – A protective layer applied on your pieces after cleaning to keep them from dust, dirt and future stains and spills. It is suitable for high-traffic areas and homes with children and pets.

Do you move furniture around in order to clean the carpets? – Professional carpet cleaning requires one technician. It will be great if you could prepare the rooms for cleaning so he will be able to clean more of the area and can do a sufficient job. If you need help for moving light furniture, the cleaner can assist you.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Questions

What does the end of tenancy cleaning include? – Our move out cleaning service includes a thorough clean-up of the whole property, including a free deep oven cleaning as part of the service. The end of tenancy cleaners follow a detailed checklist, approved by landlord associations and real estate agencies. See our end of tenancy checklist here.

What is the difference between end of tenancy cleaning and one-off cleaning? – Our tenancy cleaning service is not limited in time. The cleaners are staying as much as needed to clean the entire property, for which we give a 48-hour guarantee. The one-off cleaning is hourly-based service and the cleaners cover as much cleaning tasks as possible for the scheduled time.

What does your 48-hour guarantee mean? – It means that if something is wrong, you will receive a free re-clean within 48 hours after the main service. So you can be confident that you will collect your check-out deposit in full. You can also opr for our extended 168 hours guarantee at a cost of £19.

Am I responsible for supplying the cleaners with all necessary equipment and products? – No, you are not. We provide all required cleaning detergents and equipment that are safe for your family and included in the price. Bear in mind that the cleaners need an access to the property, water and electricity.

Regular Domestic Cleaning Questions

Can you provide the same cleaner all the time? – Yes, we can send you the same cleaner when the service is performed on the weekly or fortnightly basis and on the same regular day and time. Of course, in case of sickness or holiday leave, we will suggest a replacement one.

What if I need to skip an appointment? – It is not a problem to skip a session but you should give us a notice 48 hours ahead.

What if I am not happy with the cleaner? – If you are not satisfied with the cleaners’ work, we will send you a replacement one and will arrange a visit with our Quality Control Manager on site to check the result.

Who provides the cleaning supplies? – You are responsible for supplying the cleaner with cleaning materials and products. We can provide them with your regular cleaning for an additional fee.

One-Off Domestic Cleaning Questions

How much does one-off deep cleaning session cost? – The final price depends on the number of cleaners we will be sending and the number of hours booked. Our experienced customer agents will recommend you a suitable number of hours based on your needs and priorities.

What is the difference between one-off cleaning and regular domestic cleaning? – Our one-off cleaning is a more thorough service that can be performed by more than one cleaner, depending on your needs and requirements. You can make your own checklist, cleaners will follow it and will clean as much as they can for the time booked. You can use this service once/twice or more frequent per year to maintain your property clean and fresh.

Oven Cleaning Questions

Who provides the cleaning detergents and equipment? – The technician will bring all necessary equipment and cleansers. It will be perfect if you give him access to electricity and hot water because he will need them for the dip tank cleaning method.

How long should I wait after the service before I can use my oven? – You can use the oven right after the cleaning service, but we recommend to turn it on for at least 10 minutes to remove the excess moisture.

How often do I need to have my oven professionally cleaned? – It depends on how often you use it. Our recommendation is to give your oven deep professional cleaning at least twice a year. Keep in mind that regular maintenance of your appliance prolongs its life and assure better-tasting meals.

Window Cleaning Questions

Do I have to provide you with something? – The technician will need free parking space within 30 meters of your property, on the same side of the street. It is a basic requirement because the water-fed pole is attached to the van.

What kind of windows can you clean? – Our window cleaning service is suitable for different types of windows such as single or double, sash windows, skylight windows, small bay and big bay windows, french doors and conservatories. The technician will take care of the frames and sills as well but only if they are PVC.


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