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Is your day on a tight schedule and you can’t find some spare time for any domestic cleaning chores? And even if you do, you know it’s going to be very boring. Why not take a break? Get a helping hand from licensed cleaners that will take care of all tiresome tasks for you - dusting, scrubbing, washing and mopping. Get all cleaning services on a regular basis and your house will stay fresh and spotless for longer.

Enjoy a thorough cleaning session and have complete control. Choose the priority areas that need your cleaners’ special attention. Get back home to pristine and fresh premises, cleaned up to your requirements and expectations.

A Wide Variety of Cleaning Services in Manchester

Your Cleaners in Manchester

We will not go into detail about who each cleaner is exactly, rather show you the hiring process and the steps each technician goes through.

How Are The Cleaners Hired

  • All cleaners go through a minimum of two interviews, one by phone and another one in person
  • Their personal documents and references are checked
  • We perform a cleaning test, to see how the cleaners react to a given task and how they handle it
  • When hiring foreigners, we make sure they have the legal rights to work in the UK

What Happens With The Cleaners After Hiring

  • They must pass a training course, which is at least 2 weeks long
  • They learn how to use all modern cleaning equipments and tools
  • They learn what detergents and techniques of cleaning to use for different surfaces and premises
  • If they are foreigners, they pass through a basic English language course
  • After all that, they get a mentor to supervise their first jobs
  • A performance record is kept at all times, so it is known if the cleaner needs more training sessions in order to improve the quality of work

Benefits You Get With Manchester Cleaners

  • All services are suitable for domestic and commercial properties
  • You have full control over your booked services
  • Using only eco-friendly cleaning solutions in the process
  • You get a callback for feedback after your first cleaning session
  • Quality control inspectors carry out surprise inspections on the work your cleaners do
  • Complete insurance cover for all cleaners and services
  • Multi-service booking gets you great discount opportunities
  • Day and night availability at 0161 823 0200
  • National holidays and weekends work with no extra charge
  • Free and personal price estimate without any obligations
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